Features & Benefits

Unfreeze your profits, continue reading to see why you need Mag-Heat Magnetic Heater Panels.

Stick it and forget it. Installs in minutes and frequently saves hours, if not days of downtime and labor expenses for your operation.



attached, no welding required.

Plugs into

any outlet or extension cord.


stainless steel construction with a 5 year warranty on replaceable components.


in virtually any size, shape or voltage to meet your requirements.


over bolts and irregular surfaces.


with any type of liner.


transferred from one problem area to another.


to prevent materials from freezing and sticking to cold surfaces when properly sized and installed.


*120-240 Volts standard other voltages require a transformer.


Replaces Expensive and Unreliable Alternatives

Replaces torpedo heaters, weed burners, radiant heaters and sledge hammers and the associated expenses

Prevents Slips and Falls

Eliminates the possibility of slips and falls associated with climbing around on belt structure and icy catwalks to remove blockages

Eliminates Down Time and Lost Production

Guaranteed to keep your product flowing when properly sized and installed.

Prevents Damage to Equipment

Prevents damage to equipment and eliminates the labor cost that creates the damage.

Heat Affected Zone

If you've had bad results with electric heater panels such as the example below, do not fear.

The installation shown above was a total waste of time and money!

The only area that will remain free of frozen material is the one directly underneath the heater panel and an inch or so around the perimeter, as indicated by the red outline.

When properly sized and installed, there is no possibility of freezing. That we guarantee!

The section of this chute below the Mag panels does not require heat as it is larger than the heated section and the material does not come in contact with it.